Mete Erker Trio Live!

Released: dec 2016


Making music in small spaces is very special.
If I had to choose one thing in music,

it would be playing jazz music in a small club.
People close to the bandstand, no microphones,
nowhere to hide.

Jazz is born in these places.
My all time favourite albums are recorded here.
To me, this is where music sounds best.

On this album we experiment with freer forms,
in between Japanese Sumi-E and Jackson Pollock.

Live! Life! Alive!

All are close, very close

Forward, no turning back

Split second’s, no time

Energy bounces, back and forth

Stirring the pot

We are all in this together

Straight, Uncut, Unpolished

It’s frightening

I love it

Mete Erker Trio
Celebration of Mediocrity

WATCH!  clip Mete Erker Trio

Released: fall 2013

Celebration of Mediocrity
this album is about making choices
it’s about my love for jazz music,
music that is about the opposite of celebrating mediocrity
it’s about growing up in a mediocracy
and about living in this world today
it’s about turning 40
and it’s about playing medium tempo’s

Played TwicePlayed Twice
Do Nothing Until You Hear From MeDo Nothing Until You Hear From MeMete Erker saxophone
Johan Plomp bass
Makki van Engelen drums

Ruff Sound Quartet
An Ode to the music of Ornette Coleman
Released fall 2012


Latin Genetics

Latin Genetics (Ornette Coleman)
Pascal Vermeer drums
Guus Bakker bas
Joris Posthumus alto
Mete Erker tenor 

Both Albums Recorded by Chris Weeda
fall 2011
in Fattoria Musica
Osnabruck, Germany