New Trio!

This week I’m presenting a brand new band.
The sound we are looking for is a mix of ’60 spiritual jazz and indie pop.
Partners in crime are bass player Daniel Eskens and drummer Jimmi Hueting of the renowned band Joe Goes Hunting.

June 11th   Brebl, Nijmegen
June 13th   Bird, Rotterdam
June 15th   De Spot, Middelburg

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Live recording new duo album!

The 6th of december me and my good friend, the great pianist Jeroen van Vliet, will record our new album.
We will record it in the beautiful Beauforthuis in Austerlitz, with a live audience!
Looking forward!


Mete Erker&Jeroen van Vliet

Check our video: No Farewell

InDuplo Music

InDuplo Music is a brand new agency for jazz and improvised music duo’s, founded by Nora Hulsink, in  close collaboration with Jeroen van Vliet and myself.
Please follow us on facebook:  induplo music.


Check our new video: No Farewell

Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet

Mete Erker&Jeroen van Vliet

Saxophonist Mete Erker and pianist Jeroen van Vliet have been partners in crime & music for 30 years.

They will celebrate this with the release of a new duo-album on April 1st 2019.
Mete Erker and Jeroen van Vliet play hyper-interactive, poetic music.
Exciting improvisations and beautiful songs.

Watch “The Known”: VIDEO The Known


Artvark’s latest release: Trance

Release Concert: sunday 24th of september, 16h

Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht




5 new releases!

In the past 3 months 5 albums have been released,
some 100% my own records,
some with me as a sideman,
I have put my heart in all of them.

Mete Erker Trio: Live!

Estafest: Bayachrimae

Fuchs, Erker & van Vliet: Linden

Artvark & Ntjam Rosie: Homelands

VanBinsbergen’s Playstation: Tales Without Words

New Release: Mete Erker Trio Live!

3-12-’16  Paradox. Tilburg
7-12-’16  Stella, Arnhem
8-12-’16 De Ruimte, Amsterdam
8-02-’17 Brebl, Nijmegen
26-02-’17  Brouwerij Martinus, Groningen
3-03-’17 De Toonzaal, Den Bosch
18-03-’17 DJS, Dordrecht

Mete Erker Artvark

My new album,
Mete Erker Trio Live!
released on
the 1st of december 2016
Check these tracks
to get a taste:

Mete Erker Trio clip!

This is a clip we made when we
released our debut album in 2013:

Estafest recording new CD in Budapest

Estafest@ Porgy&Bess-Jahel Herzog

Estafest spend a year to write new music,
in august we recorded our 3rd CD
at the Budapest Music Centre:
to be released in 2017!

HOMELANDS TOUR jan feb 2016

Homeland Tourlijst