Composing music with Lavalu
for a new theatre show
with great artists
Goos Meeuwsen & Helena Bittencourt
Performed live
from the 17th  till the 28th of june

ESTAFEST live in Budapest & Vienna


4th of  april 2015 Opus Jazzclub (Mátyás utca 8. Budapest, Hungary) Website is:

5th of april 2015 Porgy & Bess, Riemergasse 11, Vienna, Austria. Website is:



2 nov Vredenburg, Utrecht:  Artvark meets Kasper van Kooten  
6 nov  Muziekcentrum Enschede:  Artvark honours Adolph Sax 200 
7 nov Doelen, Rotterdam: Artvark meets Choreographer Sanne vd Put
20 nov MuziekGebouw a/h IJ, Amsterdam: Artvark meets Aurelia Sax4
22 nov Bijloke, Gent:  Artvark meets ensemble Asko Schoenberg 
28 nov  Toonzaal, Den Bosch: Artvark meets flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon


Sal La Roca Band in Brussels

Great band, Great music, happy to be a part of it!

Music for Dance

Recording our music for the new dance show by De Stilte:
A show for the little ones: 2+  which means I can bring my daughter to the premiere!
(5 october in Den Bosch)


Zeelandsuite 2014

Zeelandsuite 2014 composed by Jeroen van Vliet
live DVD recording on several open air locations  

Contemporary Classical & Jazz

Low End HiFi!
great to work with young highly motivated and openminded classical musicians
playing work of Louis Andriessen, Steve Martland and Martin Fondse 

Central Park New York


 Soundcheck with Martin Fondse Orchestra & Lenine.

FULLDUPLEXX 4 star review in Jazzism

The Bridge @ North Sea Jazz Festival